Fellow Organizer (and friend), Julie Hook, is back sharing her ideas on cutting down on your writing utensils and how it recently helped with one of her clients, thank you Julie! 

One of the organizing jobs that I am involved with is assisting a company moving from one office location to another. This involves many aspects such as packing, sorting, etc… One of my packing goals is to only bring only what the employees need and use. One category that I am been working on are office supplies. Let me tell you, a lot of tossing and donating has been going on. Some supplies were no longer due to technology and business changes while other supplies still worked, but the employees didn’t like them so they were essentially collecting dust.

One thing I did was to categorize all the writing utensils such as pens, pencils, highlighters and the like. I had all the employees view them, after I got done sorting, and I had them show me which ones they liked. I was surprised to find out that the bulk of the writing utensils were not being used.

The employees showed me their preferences and they all came up with the same four to five different ones they liked. We got rid of those and kept the ones they were using. It’s funny that many of us don’t think about why we gravitate to a certain pen or pencil unless we are asked. We do have preferences on the way a writing utensil feels and writes.

I would encourage you to go through your writing utensils at home and at the office. Do a similar inventory. If you need some new writing options, check out the latest at Office Candy. The ladies here do a great job in researching products you will love.

Happy Shopping and Organizing!

Julie Hook resides in Salem, Oregon, with her husband, three children and two step children. She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Rhetoric Speech and Communications from the University of Oregon in 1989. For six years, she worked as a sales representative for a food broker, where she learned space management techniques in the grocery industry.

In 1996, Julie decided to become a stay-at-home mom and began exploring her interest in organizing homes. In 2003, she formed Five Starr Organizing, and began writing a weekly column on organizing for a northwest newspaper.

Julie enjoys speaking to various groups about the importance of organizing and is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO). She is a regular guest on Portland, Oregon’s morning show AMNW. She has written over 250 columns on organizing and published her first book, “From Frazzled to Freedom” in June of 2012.

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