Whether you have a home office or a desk at work, here are some simple strategies to help keep your desk organized.

Nothing on your desk should impede your work from being accomplished, so keep only those items you need to access quickly and frequently on top of the desk. Here are some items to consider: tape dispenser, stapler, scissors, pens, pencils, highlighters, permanent markers, sticky reminder notes, scissors, a small calendar, reading glasses, paper clips, telephone, computer station, a file holder to hold you’re frequently used files, and a lamp if extra lighting is needed.

Try to keep personal items such as photos and knickknacks off of the top of a desk. Arrange them in another strategic place in the office.Some desks have lots of drawers while others have only a few. In order to keep your desk drawers organized, find good organizers to help keep like things together. Start with the drawer easiest for you to access. Store your basic office supplies there—things like pencil sharpener, rubber bands, correction tape, staples, calculator, and a staple puller. If your items slide around in the drawer, consider cutting a piece of non-slip drawer liner to fit the drawer. Drawer dividers can be handy, as well.

If you have another drawer available, consider using it for mailing supplies—things like postage stamps, return address labels, legal and letter-size envelopes. Or for items you use frequently.

Add a bulletin board or a magnetic strip placed above a desk for those pieces of paper you don’t want to keep on the top of your desk but need to have in clear view.

Many people, especially women, have a fascination with office supplies. They collect office supplies like any other collection. HAVE FUN WITH CHOOSING OFFICE SUPPLIES THAT MAKE YOUR WORK SPACE AN ENJOYABLE PLACE TO WORK!

Get rid of poor functioning organizers such as stacking trays, etc… Only use organizers that will keep your desk more organized.Set up a time each week to clear and organize your desk.

Places such as Office Candy, are ideal spots to find those essential office supplies to keep your desk not only functional, but Pretty!

Julie Hook owns Five Star Organizing and she resides in Salem, Oregon, with her husband, three children and two step-children. She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Rhetoric Speech and Communications from the University of Oregon in 1989. For six years, she worked as a sales representative for a food broker, where she learned space management techniques in the grocery industry.

In 1996, Julie decided to become a stay-at-home mom and began exploring her interest in organizing homes. In 2003, she formed Five Starr Organizing, and began writing a weekly column on organizing for a northwest newspaper. Julie enjoys speaking to various groups about the importance of organizing and is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO). She is a regular guest on Portland, Oregon’s morning show AMNW. She has written over 250 columns on organizing and published her first book, From Frazzled to Freedom in June of 2012.